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Circus class all on stilts of this design


These plans are provided as Share-Wear ~ If you build them and appreciate their superior design
and all the work that has gone into these detailed plans,
then send a check for $15 or more
(along with photos and comments to post on the Stiltman website!) to:
Larry Dobson
7118 Fiske Road
Clinton, WA  98236

Download my latest plans

~ 8 pages of detailed instructions ~
~ with drawings and photos ~

(You will need Adobe Acrobat or
Foxit PDF Viewer to view these plans.)

The boys in the Circus Class were soon all walking on stilts ~ and you can be too!

Gabi's stilts w feet-best Michael on tall stilts narrow

Make them with feet and knee-pads or make them tall ~
customize your stilts exactly how you like.

6-year-old Jasmine's first stiltwalk Gabi on Stilts w Larry holding


The stilts worked GREAT. thankyouthankyou for  putting such detailed plans online!  I own a pair of drywall  stilts. they're fun, but clunky and not very secure. i was so amazed at  how a few simple loops of webstrap on your stilts could secure my feet  so well!  I followed your plans as best i could, and i'm glad i did-  they performed wonderfully.
(at Burning Man) I spent a  large amount of time on the stilts, and the more i played around on the  playa, the better i got- i could run, leap, and jump on them. Aside from a few adjustments to the footstraps every few hours or so, once those  stilts were on, they were ON.  As far as advice goes, the only addition  i'd like to make is some sort of rubber padding or something on the  feet- or maybe just wear extra socks in my boots. after hours and hours  of trundling across the playa, my feet began to get sore on stilts from  the shock of the playa rock.