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Do you long to get involved in some cutting edge technology development?  Many of the concepts and inventions shown on these webpages require lots of work and funding to become commercially viable.  I am only one person with limited time, money and resources.  Several of these inventions have huge market potential and would be good gambles at this early stage of R&D.  Some are being refined for commercialization and need additional funding.  Those of you who enjoy creating improved versions of these technologies, testing, refining components, supporting financially or otherwise, do get in touch with me about further involvement.

My primary goal is to make these inventions practical solutions to our growing energy, transportation, housing and environmental needs.  May this goal not be crippled by the greed of a few, limiting access of these technologies to the many who could benefit from them.  If you are primarily motivated by monetary return on your investment, rather than development of a quality affordable product, don’t waste both our time by contacting me.  On the other hand, many current rules of commerce and law must be honored in order to facilitate the primary goal, so I am quite flexible and adaptable to any genuine offer of involvement.

My secondary goal is to reinvest any profits from these mutual undertakings into creating a model of integrated living with sustainable technologies and lifestyles that connect us more intimately and nurturing with the land and every living creature in our world.

If you are interested in becoming involved in any way, contact me:

Larry Dobson
7118 Fiske Rd.
Clinton, WA  98236