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A hexagonal floor plan offers many creative opportunities. 
This 7-module complex is divided into 2-single rooms, a tripple room and a double room.  The walls and roof can be made of plywood (as in the basic hexagonal module shown right, and on this webpage.)

The walls of the hexagon module are 8ft x 8ft (64ft2), the roof is the area of 6 sheets of plywood (192 sq.ft.), and the floor area is 166 sq.ft.  The Hex-Complex pictured here has 7 x 166sq.ft = 1162 sq.ft. of floor area, framed with poles, plastered with stucco over an inner insulating foam as shown below.

Stucco-foam SIP poster1

More variations on the 7-module Hexmod complex

Left ~ poles can be placed closer together in this 2-frequency design, or skylights can form star, with deck.

Hex-house complex-all poles-above
Hex-house complex-Bruce-1c