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Even one pusher can get the swings spinning fast ~ the more pushers the higher the ride!  Lower tetrahedron is a two-frequency revolving climber.  This swing has been in continual use at various locations for 43 years!

This swing is the hit of any party!  Suspended from guy cables at the top, rotating on bearings bottom and top, six swings spin out in a breath-taking ride, powered by pushers at the base.  The 8-vertex shape of this swing is the simplest definition of the crystal structure of gold. Ten foot aluminum struts screw into hubs ~ easily assembled and disassembled.


merkabah swing in auroville1989
Solstice Swing

This version of the crystal swing was built in Auroville, South India. With 6 more tetrahedra than the one pictured to the left, an 8-pointed star, a “Merkabah” stellated octahedron, a dual tetrahedron, (as in drawing on right below) is created.  This shape is even more elegant and fun.  40 kids were on the swings and perched inside at once!

Rhombic Dodecahedron Box and Swing-Hub02

We’ve had lots of “Swing Parties”. The Summer Solstice 0f ‘96 was a great event, with Live Music (master drummer Saeed Abass from Africa, Wade Wilcox on percussion and Ron Rossell on bass guitar)  Timothy Hull took the picture above.

Hyperbolic Paraboloids in Cubeoctahedron-s

poles screw into 12-nut clusters (above) with rhombic dodecahedron facets, creating tetrahedron- octahedron grid of Face-centered cubic closs-packed crystal matrix. , like the dual tetrahedron or stellated octahedron or “Merkabah” pictured on the left, inbeded in a cube defined by the same points as the cube, and above right.

Dual Tetrahedron in Cube-transparent

Like a Tinkertoy set, this “Thinkertoy” geometry can build an infinite variety of structures, such as this cubeoctahedron support for 6 minimal surface hyparbolic paraboloids, for playgrounds or modular tents.

Ask about plans and kits!

.....for the “Thinkertoy” construction kit or “Attitude-Adjuster” swing set.  Build an infinite variety of structures based on the “body-centered crystal structure”, the most fundamental geometry of earth.