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CRYSTAL DOME built on three elementary crystal facets, with dimensions in ratios of 1/square root 2/square root 3

springvalley dome from drive springvalley-slide-dome-high Crystal Dome-2

This dome home was built  using local poles, with a unique stucco/foam sandwich construction at a 1975 cost of $10/square foot. The actual structure is 3-story with a bell-tower on top, as seen in the center photo (behind the ferrocement transition entranceway with slide from roof, approached over bridge over pond on roof).

Adze-2handled02 Springvalley dome inside poles

Most of the construction was done with  hand tools. Joints were form-fitted using specially designed adzes like the one above.

Squares are facets of the cube -- 1
Triangles are facets of the octahedron/tetrahedron -- square root of 2
Diamonds are facets of the rhombic dodecahedron -- square root of 3,
the true diamond shape, with angle, 109 27’ 16”, the diamond bond angle.

Crystal Dome-3


The symmetry of this structure is amazing!  It has been noted that several Rune symbols are present in this architecture.

I am an inventor.  I’ve been inventing new creations all my life, and have gotten pretty good at it. I always look for unique new ways to do things, to integrate various functions, concepts, materials and building techniques into a whole that is more than the sum of the parts.  The creations you see pictured here are just a sample. I can send you professional detailed plans if you want to build them yourself.

I can also create a Realistic 3D Solid-model (Computer-Aided-Design) of any structure or design concept you have in mind, then send you a 3D picture you can view from all angles and a detailed set of plans and dimensions for you to build from.

If you see something here that intrigues you, or you have an idea you would like to develop and put into visual perspective, contact me (  I’m easy to work with, flexible and reasonably priced.


Larry Dobson